Day 1: 2171 Words, Feeling Great!

I said on my Facebook page that I wasn’t going to do a blog. Well, I decided I should. To me, this is more than just writing 50,000 words in 30 days. This is a goal I’ve had for 7 years now, and I want to make my best effort to accomplish it this year. A blog is important, because I need to stay excited about this goal and to do that I need to keep my supporters excited as well.

Here is where you will see me pour my brain out about what’s going on. From things I’m doing to keep my focus, to my beverage of choice during this event. Anything and everything will be vented here.

Today was an easy day. I’ve been mulling over these characters and this story arc for a few weeks now, so today was purely a brain-dump. I started two chapters that will run independently of one another and I plan on finishing them both tomorrow. The novel will be almost like two separate stories for about half of it, with the stories flowing closer and closer together. My hope is that the hints and foreshadowing I will use will help you get excited about what happens next. Keep in mind, I’m a jerk too… I sort of like leading people on, only to upset their perception of what may happen.

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