Day 2: 1,674 Words

I had quite a bit more difficulty today than I did yesterday. I feel my writing quality was better, but I found it harder to get motivated to write. Once I found the motivation though, the words came quickly as the story progressed. I’ve nearly completed the first two chapters of the book, and I feel like they’re exactly where I want them to be. The 1,674 words took a bit to accomplish tonight, which was mostly due to my own procrastination. I also had a hard time managing external distractions without stepping on feelings and offending people. I’m not too good at that. I tend to just tell people to “shut the hell up” and “go away”, when it’s not their fault I’m “in the zone”. I wish I changed color or something when I entered the zone, then I could just tell people “Hey! When I’m bright green, don’t bug me! I’m in my writing zone!”

Ah well! The excitement is still there. Tomorrow is the first day off for me and NaNoWriMo, and my personal goal is double a normal daily goal. That’s right, 3,334 words. I could use a little encouragement there. 😉

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