Day 3: 1,479 words

I’m not too disappointed about my low word count today. I know I set myself a goal to double the daily goal, but I also realize that I can’t push myself so hard that I burn out quickly. What’s important is that the story continues to flow nicely when I do sit down to write, which means the well is far from dry. Right now I think it’s important to find out what works as a motivator and what can help create the perfect environment for creative writing.

If I can be honest, this is the most I’ve ever written for a single topic. Most of my short stories are a page or two tops, and my articles were never longer than  few thousand words. So far my total word count is 5,324. I know that a lot of editing will have to go into this novel when the month is over, but that’s a thought for December 1st. Right now, I’m very proud of myself and I feel like I can easily write another 45,000 words before the end of the month.

By now, I’ve introduced several characters that will have important roles throughout the story. I’ve given ample back story where it was needed and set the tone for the types of relationships we have so far. The next part is going to be more difficult as I have to ramp things up and bring elements closer together without giving away the plot twist that will signify the climax of the story. I’m also doing research as I go, which has helped give me more ideas for the story.

All in all, I’m having a lot of fun and I’m enjoying myself. How about you? Are you participating, and if so how are you doing so far?


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