Day 6: 2,450 words!

Nov 6 - 8668 Words

Nov 6 – 8668 Words

That’s right, my friends! 2,450 words tonight! I’m not sure if the election coverage was just that boring or if I was just that creative, but I managed to write all of that in just a few hours. I’ve found that once I get a scene in my head, the story comes quickly as I describe it and keep it moving through words. I’m also having a lot of fun acting out what my characters are doing and feeling in my head. Is this what a director feels like when filming a movie? If so, it’s GREAT!

So far I have two sisters as I said before. They are twins, and as such they’ve done what they could to be completely different. I have my main antagonist with his own struggles, and I have a few supporting characters that will make things very interesting. One of the challenges I’m finding is trying to write about things I know little about or haven’t experienced yet in my life. Writing the thoughts and feelings of a woman has been a particularly difficult experience. My hope is that if anything I write is incorrect, that I can have a more experienced eye pick them out and help me correct them later. Later being the important part as my main focus has to be the 50,000 word goal!

I wish I could do a better job imparting my excitement in this blog post… I’m nearly jumping in my seat. I was totally caught off guard when I tallied everything up and saw just how much I wrote tonight.

So now to reward myself with a bit of gaming… Age of Empires online most likely!

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