Day 12, Part 2: 1,832 words

I clearly had way too much fun writing since I made my original post for Day 12. Technically, this is Day 13 but seeing as I haven’t been to sleep yet I’m going to call it a victory for Day 12. 1,832 words of plot-thickening goodness! Sadly, I have to leave this part of the story behind shortly and get back to the main characters, but I’ve had so much fun setting up all of the deceit and deception going on behind the scenes that I hope I can make a story out of just that in the future!

I did find one challenge I hadn’t expected: When describing non-human creatures, how okay is it to use human parallels? For instance, I don’t think demons would have blood like a human does… however I wanted them to “bleed”. I did take the time to make sure the reader knew it was a parallel though, but was that going too far? We’ll see I guess.

Time for bed though… Good night, everyone!


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