Day 13: 1,420 words

Nov 13 - 16,001 words

Nov 13 – 16,001 words

I may have missed my target count today, but I think it’s rather awesome that I’ve reached 16,001 words overall. I have plenty of time to catch up, so I’m not overly worried about the lagging word count. I did have the most fun yet in writing a particular scene, which is always exciting. You know, when you get to that point where your imagination is flowing directly to your fingers and out into a document. Where you’re feeling and experiencing exactly what your character is as it’s happening. That’s the sort of magic that I love about writing.

The hard truth is I really am behind. I will be 7,337 words behind as of tomorrow. With the holidays coming, I was hoping to be at a bit of a surplus of words than a deficit. I still have the rest of this week and the coming weekend to make things right and to get on top though, so that’s where my mind is focused!

I’m off for some much needed sleep though. Sorry if this post is hard to follow… lack of sleep does that to ya.


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