My name is Jonathan Walker and I currently reside in the Wilkes-barre/Scranton area of Pennsylvania. I love reading and have always aspired to be a writer, though I usually lose interest before I finish a story. My career path is a technical one, with my day job taking me all over the northeast quadrant of the state to fix machines. I am hoping to use this year’s NaNoWriMo to help me better establish myself and hone my writing skills. My life goal is to allow my passion for writing to pay the bills.

This blog is a log of my journey this month. I wanted to capture my feelings and thoughts as I go through these 30 days of “literary abandon”. I’m doing this so I can look back and learn more about my experience, so I can see what mistakes I may have made during this quest and try to change them in the future. I also hope that others who find this blog are either inspired to write and can also learn from my experience.


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