Day 2: Taking a break…

I’m at 690 words so far, with not much time actually spent writing. This is good, yet also a little scary for me. I know I have a lot to the story that I want to write, but I’m already fearing that I might not have enough story to tell to reach the 50,000 mark. I have noticed that my writing today seems better than yesterday, I’m paying more attention to detail without going overboard. Yesterday I felt like I was simply reciting a story, today I feel like I’m creating a world.

I also seem to have two enemies: Perfection and Over-Thinking. I keep reminding myself that this is not suppose to be perfect, that I don’t need to go back and edit anything right now. I also keep expanding the end of the story and thinking about the “What If’s” of getting this one published. I keep thinking about how great a series would be and what I could do with it. These are all good thoughts to have, but not right now.

So as I pick up this bottle of Pepsi Max, I plan to stuff all those silly ideas back into the depths of my brain and keep going!