Day 6: 2,450 words!

Nov 6 - 8668 Words

Nov 6 – 8668 Words

That’s right, my friends! 2,450 words tonight! I’m not sure if the election coverage was just that boring or if I was just that creative, but I managed to write all of that in just a few hours. I’ve found that once I get a scene in my head, the story comes quickly as I describe it and keep it moving through words. I’m also having a lot of fun acting out what my characters are doing and feeling in my head. Is this what a director feels like when filming a movie? If so, it’s GREAT!

So far I have two sisters as I said before. They are twins, and as such they’ve done what they could to be completely different. I have my main antagonist with his own struggles, and I have a few supporting characters that will make things very interesting. One of the challenges I’m finding is trying to write about things I know little about or haven’t experienced yet in my life. Writing the thoughts and feelings of a woman has been a particularly difficult experience. My hope is that if anything I write is incorrect, that I can have a more experienced eye pick them out and help me correct them later. Later being the important part as my main focus has to be the 50,000 word goal!

I wish I could do a better job imparting my excitement in this blog post… I’m nearly jumping in my seat. I was totally caught off guard when I tallied everything up and saw just how much I wrote tonight.

So now to reward myself with a bit of gaming… Age of Empires online most likely!


Day 5: 894 words…

894 words seems like such a small drop in the bucket, but that was barely an hour’s worth of work. In that light, I think it was actually pretty good. Though I once again need to remind myself that the point of NaNoWriMo isn’t about speed, but about developing habit. The fact that I actually felt a little regret over not writing yesterday means I’m already starting to build that habit. It’s becoming less about the contest and more about telling the story of Olivia and Tiffany, twin sisters who are worlds apart. Also of the incubus Dailus and his experiences as a mortal and the consequences of his disobedience. I grow more excited as I write what feels like two separate stories, for I know that they will eventually meet. I also know when they do finally meet, things will be reversed: I’ll be writing about how hard it is for me to stop writing, and how I wish my laptop was water-proof so I can write and shower at the same time. 😉

Day 4: 0 words…

We all have our bad days, and yesterday was a particularly nasty one for me. Starting with my alarm getting me up at 4:45am to take someone to work, it became progressively worse when I wasn’t able to get much more sleep. Every time I opened up Docs to pick things up again, I felt something pulling me away. I had nothing to write yesterday. There was nothing I could do to change that fact. That was Day 4.

So now I’m behind a day and dealing with some serious brain fog… and it’s only Day 5.

Day 3: 1,479 words

I’m not too disappointed about my low word count today. I know I set myself a goal to double the daily goal, but I also realize that I can’t push myself so hard that I burn out quickly. What’s important is that the story continues to flow nicely when I do sit down to write, which means the well is far from dry. Right now I think it’s important to find out what works as a motivator and what can help create the perfect environment for creative writing.

If I can be honest, this is the most I’ve ever written for a single topic. Most of my short stories are a page or two tops, and my articles were never longer than  few thousand words. So far my total word count is 5,324. I know that a lot of editing will have to go into this novel when the month is over, but that’s a thought for December 1st. Right now, I’m very proud of myself and I feel like I can easily write another 45,000 words before the end of the month.

By now, I’ve introduced several characters that will have important roles throughout the story. I’ve given ample back story where it was needed and set the tone for the types of relationships we have so far. The next part is going to be more difficult as I have to ramp things up and bring elements closer together without giving away the plot twist that will signify the climax of the story. I’m also doing research as I go, which has helped give me more ideas for the story.

All in all, I’m having a lot of fun and I’m enjoying myself. How about you? Are you participating, and if so how are you doing so far?

Day 2: 1,674 Words

I had quite a bit more difficulty today than I did yesterday. I feel my writing quality was better, but I found it harder to get motivated to write. Once I found the motivation though, the words came quickly as the story progressed. I’ve nearly completed the first two chapters of the book, and I feel like they’re exactly where I want them to be. The 1,674 words took a bit to accomplish tonight, which was mostly due to my own procrastination. I also had a hard time managing external distractions without stepping on feelings and offending people. I’m not too good at that. I tend to just tell people to “shut the hell up” and “go away”, when it’s not their fault I’m “in the zone”. I wish I changed color or something when I entered the zone, then I could just tell people “Hey! When I’m bright green, don’t bug me! I’m in my writing zone!”

Ah well! The excitement is still there. Tomorrow is the first day off for me and NaNoWriMo, and my personal goal is double a normal daily goal. That’s right, 3,334 words. I could use a little encouragement there. 😉

Day 2: Taking a break…

I’m at 690 words so far, with not much time actually spent writing. This is good, yet also a little scary for me. I know I have a lot to the story that I want to write, but I’m already fearing that I might not have enough story to tell to reach the 50,000 mark. I have noticed that my writing today seems better than yesterday, I’m paying more attention to detail without going overboard. Yesterday I felt like I was simply reciting a story, today I feel like I’m creating a world.

I also seem to have two enemies: Perfection and Over-Thinking. I keep reminding myself that this is not suppose to be perfect, that I don’t need to go back and edit anything right now. I also keep expanding the end of the story and thinking about the “What If’s” of getting this one published. I keep thinking about how great a series would be and what I could do with it. These are all good thoughts to have, but not right now.

So as I pick up this bottle of Pepsi Max, I plan to stuff all those silly ideas back into the depths of my brain and keep going!

Day 1: 2171 Words, Feeling Great!

I said on my Facebook page that I wasn’t going to do a blog. Well, I decided I should. To me, this is more than just writing 50,000 words in 30 days. This is a goal I’ve had for 7 years now, and I want to make my best effort to accomplish it this year. A blog is important, because I need to stay excited about this goal and to do that I need to keep my supporters excited as well.

Here is where you will see me pour my brain out about what’s going on. From things I’m doing to keep my focus, to my beverage of choice during this event. Anything and everything will be vented here.

Today was an easy day. I’ve been mulling over these characters and this story arc for a few weeks now, so today was purely a brain-dump. I started two chapters that will run independently of one another and I plan on finishing them both tomorrow. The novel will be almost like two separate stories for about half of it, with the stories flowing closer and closer together. My hope is that the hints and foreshadowing I will use will help you get excited about what happens next. Keep in mind, I’m a jerk too… I sort of like leading people on, only to upset their perception of what may happen.